Humor And Advertising Don’t Mix? You Just Don’t Have A Sense Of Humor!

Humor: One of the Best Advertising Methods Sex, money, and religion. What do they all have in common? They are the three subjects that are most powerful when getting a person’s attention. However, when it comes to developing catchy advertising, I can add another subject to that list: Humor. Humor works and that’s the bottom line. People always say to be wary of humorous advertising because it can work against you. These people believe that when you use humor you could offend some people by being stereotypical, too clever, not clever enough, or flat out insulting. But when advertising works against you, it can still work very much for you. Before you jump all over me with your arguments, let me first lay out some ground rules for this article. I’m assuming that no business would be dumb enough to run an ad simply to offend people. You pull that kind of a stunt and you’re going to get what you deserve – a lawsuit. Additionally, I’m assuming that when you run a humorous ad that has the potential to offend, you take that into account when planning the overall reaction to the advertisement. Dispelling the “Offensive Humor Only Hurts” Story Your business has a target market. And your advertisements, if done correctly, are geared towards this target market. This is the general rule companies follow. But other demographics are going to see your ad. You can’t possibly stop this from happening. So when Spike TV advertises some extreme wrestling match or a Sport Illustrated photo shoot, they are most likely going to use scantily clad women and crude jokes in the ads (if you don’t believe me, take a look at their website). Some women will naturally be offended by this. But you know what? That woman will sit around with her husband, her sons, her brothers, or male co-workers and talk about how she was offended. These men, who the ad targeted in the first place, most likely enjoyed the ad, but it probably did not make a huge impression upon them. Having this woman bring up negative comments about the ad will actually remind the target demographic of how much they enjoyed it (or at least it acts as another impression). Let’s take into consideration that this offended person does not talk to the target demographic like in the example above. These conversations still act as impressions even when these people did not see the ad. It is the truest type of buzz campaign – a campaign that gets people talking about a company’s ads and products. Don’t Worry If You Offend People! As I said before, no business advertises itself simply wanting to offend people and expects their ads to get published. However, the chance you offend someone with a humorous ad is definitely out there. But, you know what? That’s good. Not everyone is going to love you or your sense of humor. We can take our above example and combine it with the general rule of thumb that a satisfied customer will tell 1-3 people and a dissatisfied customer will tell 10 or more people. If you failed arithmetic in elementary school then please do not read on… Let’s say you’re offending 10% of the people with the humor you use in your ad. This one person will have 10 conversations about your advertising. And they’re most likely talking about your advertising – not your product! You could still have the greatest product in the world and this person is just criticizing your ads. As mentioned before, these 10 conversations could be with people who loved your ad or simply forgot it right after viewing it. Either way, this one person is getting 10 people thinking more about your ad. Now that’s what I call good advertising! Your Humorous Advertising Should Stir Things Up If done correctly, your ads will inform your target market about your product and get them talking about it. Now if you are successful in generating a little bit of buzz, you’ll reach even more people outside of your target market and your customers will start doing the advertising for you. Humorous advertising, although risky, can be very beneficial. Your target market will most likely understand your humor. Viewers outside your target may get offended, but this will actually work for you. As long as you’re not trying to offend someone, then the buzz that gets generated by your ads will be very positive to your advertising campaign. Just remember, people that like your ads aren’t going to tell you they like them. It’s the dissatisfied or offended people that will make a big deal out of it. So take advertising complaints in stride and stick in there. Everyone has a different sense of humor. And if you’re stirring some peoples’ emotions up, then you’re doing your job as an advertiser!

Humor Ability To Apply Humor To Any Situation

Some people are natural comedians because they have the amazing ability to apply humor to any situation. They do not have to put much effort behind the ability they have either and doing it is not an act at all. It is a gift that they were born with and sometimes there are many people who begin to wish that they were not blessed with such a gift. The ability to apply humor to any situation seems uncontrollable at times, and at the worst moments they will find themselves cracking a joke about a situation that is not funny at all. During these times it is quite difficult to make people understand the unique ability because they are still marveling at the audacity that someone has to poke fun at a situation that is truly tragic. The ability seeps through the recesses of the mind in a person who has the ability to apply humor to any situation. It stays seated deep in the soul of an individual and reaches out when people least expect it in the form of a hand gesture, sound that is emitted from body parts that do not apply to the facial region, or the humor is presented in a spoken word or phrase that may be extremely funny to some. Some people have spent their whole life using their ability to apply humor to any situation as a survival technique. The lives that they lead are considered to be nothing spectacular or seem to achieve nothing that one could write home to Mother about. People take a wry form of humor and poke fun at themselves for being so stupid not to have taken a job offer years ago that would have given them a better life in the long run. These people use their ability to apply humor to any situation in their life just so that they can hold their head up high for a brief moment. They might use their low life achievements to snidely goad someone else to get on with living their own life. In a real sense, these people are not happy with the life that they lead and there is nothing to do about it anymore but apply humor to it. Some famous comedians were not happy with the way that they lived their life and they became millionaires in the stand-up comedy field. They had the ability to apply humor to any situation that occurred on the stage and kept their real life secret. Only after their deaths were their real life tragedies revealed and even the press gave them a resounding applause for being able to use their ability to apply humor to any situation.

Positive Attitude: How To Have A Positive Attitude In 7 Simple Steps

A positive attitude is very important to being sussessful and happy.

Have you ever looked at people who always seem happy and enjoy life with envy and wish you could be more like them? Have you ever said to yourself “Why is it that they are always so popular and seem to attract everyone to them like a magnet?” Did you ever stop to think that it might just be their positive attitude and the way they look at – and react to – the world around them?

Thinking and acting with a positive attitude can do more than anything else towards getting you whatever you want out of life, because those who are in positions to make things happen for you will want to be around you, and want to work with you to help make your dreams a reality. Having a positive attitude in whatever you do will make things easier, and even more enjoyable.

Here are seven simple but powerful tips to having a more positive attitude – and thus becoming a more powerful person.

1. Take passionate action towards living your life. Don’t just make it through the day, live it. Sink your teeth into it and live it like it was your last day on earth. Wring every moment out of it and live each day with passion. Passion and a positive attitude are contagious. You will find others attracted to you who are just as passionate about life and living.

2. Act instead of reacting. Don’t wait until something bad happens then try to deal with it. Be proactive and make somthing good happen. you are soley responsible for what you make of the life toy have, and you only have one, so don’t waste it. Create the best life you possibly can, one day at a time.

3. Believe that each moment is perfect regardless of its outcome. Bad things happen. that is a fact of life. but that doesn’t mean you have to allow it to drag you down. Good can come from everything, no matter how bad it may be at the time. Learn to open yourself up to learn from, and gain strength from, the bad things that happen in your life. Learning to have a positive attitude even when bad things are happening will help you to get through the bad times even stronger and more determined to succeed.

4. Learn to always be grateful for what you have. It’s a well-known fact among successful people that having gratitude will get you more than never being satisfied. There’s nothing wrong with having dreams and goals and desiring more out of life, but don’t forget to be grateful for what you have already. Those who are never satisfied or grateful with what they have get into a “needy” ot “poverty” mindset, where they think they never have have anything, and are doomed to never having anything.

A positive attitude attracts positive actions. Gratitude attracts positive energy.

5. Seize every opportunity that you can instead of regretting it later. Now, whatever you do, don’t put yourself in the poorhouse or take food out of your children’s mouths chasing every get-rich-quick scheme that comes around the corner. But don’t be afraid to take opportunities that feel right either. Successful people have taught themselves to have a sixth sense when it comes to taking advantage of new opportunities.

6. Always keep your sense of humor. People like to be around those who find humor in even the most awkward moments. Learn to laugh and you will be more positive, especiall if you can learn to laugh at yourself. don’t take yourself, or life, too seriously. Life is much too short to waste it moping around in self pity. Humor is very attractive. A positive attitude can be born
from a strong sense of humor.

7. Believe that you are in charge of your destiny. No one can take your dreams from you except for you. As long as there’s still breath in your body, there is no limit to how much can accomplish. Life is not something that is going on around you. It is what you make of it. And even by doing nothing you are still creating your life, so why not get involved and create
a life you want and can enjoy?

Anyone who is truly successful, who enjoys life and has a life to be proud of, has a positive attitude. If you use these seven steps to help you have a positive attitude, then you too will have a life worth living.

Just remember, it all starts with learning to have a positive attitude.

What Is Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a revolutionary idea – simple and profound. An exercise routine, it is fast sweeping the world and is a complete wellbeing workout. It is the brainchild of Dr. Madan Kataria, an Indian physician from Mumbai who started the first laughter club in a park on 13th March 1995, with just 5 people. Today, it has become a worldwide phenomenon with more than 6000 social laughter clubs in 60 countries.

Laughter Yoga combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing (Pranayama). Anyone can laugh for no reason, without relying on humor, jokes or comedy. Laughter is simulated as a body exercise in a group but with eye contact and childlike playfulness, it soon turns into real and contagious laughter. The concept of Laughter Yoga is based on a scientific fact that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter.One gets the same physiological and psychological benefits.

Media coverage
This innovative concept has been widely accepted all over the world and has been written about in prestigious publications like TIME Magazine, National Geographic, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Daily Telegraph (UK) and many others. Laughter clubs were also featured on Oprah Winfrey Show, BBC, CNN, ZDF (Germany) NHK (Japan), ABC news (USA) and many other TV networks around the world. Several documentaries have also been shown in different languages worldwide. This strong media coverage has helped to spread Laughter Yoga to almost every part of the world with more and more people joining the laughter family.

Laughter Clubs Free for All

Laughter Yoga clubs are social clubs, free for all. There is no membership fee, no forms and no fuss. They are run by volunteers trained as laughter teachers and leaders. These clubs are non-political, non-religious and non-profit run under the aegis of Laughter Clubs International in India and Laughter Yoga International in the rest of the world.
Mission – World Peace

The ultimate objective is to bring good health, joy and world peace through laughter. Laughter is universal with no language and cultural barriers. Laughter Yoga clubs are fast developing into a worldwide community of like-minded people who believe in unconditional love, laughter and fellowship. Every first Sunday of May is celebrated as World Laughter Day. In the year 2000, nearly 10,000 people laughed together in CopenhagenDenmark to create a Guinness book of records.

Life Changing Experience

In India there are thousands of Laughter Yoga clubs that meet every morning in public parks. Club members proudly report that they haven’t missed a day in five years or more. They say it makes them happy, healthy and energized – in effect, it has changed their lives. They are full of positive energy that makes it easy to cope with stress and impossible to be depressed. In fact, the impact of laughter is so profound that many practitioners claim they no longer need anti depressants. The sustained positive emotions keep them coming back for more.

Participants report significant health improvements.Many felt a reduced frequency of respiratory infections like common cold and flu, while others reported depression lifting, chronic medical problems improving or even disappearing. As the word spread, it was obvious that Laughter Yoga was helping people to become healthier.
Scientifically Proven

Clinical research on Laughter Yoga methods conducted at the University of Graz in Austria, Bangalore (India) as well as in the United States has shown that laughter lowers the level of stress hormones (epinephrine, cortisol, etc) in the blood. It fosters a positive and hopeful attitude. One is less likely to succumb to stress and feelings of depression and helplessness if one is able to laugh away the troubles.
Laughter Yoga in Schools

In India, Laughter Yoga has been introduced in many schools in the cities of Surat, Baroda and Bangalore. That includes 10 minutes of laughter in morning assembly followed by five minutes of laughter session in the classrooms at the beginning and at the end of the day. This regular practice has shown that the mood and atmosphere changes for the better. Teachers and students are happier with a more positive outlook, communication is improved, less discipline is required and attendance improved. Academic results have shown improvement. Apart from India, there are laughter clubs in IthacaCollege in NY and Minnesota that attracts many youngsters and are fast becoming popular.
Laughter Yoga for Business World

Scientific research shows us that laughter can help to resolve many major workplace issues, but until now there has been no reliable and effective system to deliver laughter. Humor was the only tool available, but it is not reliable and seldom leads to continuous hearty laughter. Laughter Yoga is a breakthrough laughter delivery system that can enable a person to laugh continuously for 15 to 20 minutes with short breaks of yogic breathing. Many Laughter Yoga professionals have presented sessions to business with positive results.

The concept is gaining popularity in companies and corporations in India, Denmark, US and many other countries. It is a powerful force for improving staff performance in the workplace. This was recently confirmed by studies in India and the USA that showed substantial stress reduction and a big increase in staff ability to perform their jobs after just three weeks of laughter sessions.
Laughter Yoga with Seniors

Laughter Yoga is being practiced among seniors in many aged care facilities in Canada, USA, Israel and Europe. There is a distinct rise in life expectancy with improvement in health care and advance in medical technology. In fact, ten years from now the number of older people would have almost doubled. Faced with age and age related troubles, seniors find their physical and mental faculties on the decline. Since the cognitive abilities in seniors are compromised due to senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, they find it difficult to comprehend humor. Therefore, Laughter Yoga is the ideal form of exercise routine that can help them to get complete health benefits of laughter.
Laughter Yoga with Cancer Patients

There are hundreds of people in laughter clubs all over the world who are suffering from cancer, but laughter has brought a new hope into their lives. Many have reported that regular laughter sessions have benefited them tremendously. Cancer is the next biggest killer after depression and heart problems. Scientific research has proved that Laughter has a profound impact on the immune system which decides the course of survival of cancer patients. Laughter Yoga has been effectively implemented in many cancer hospitals helping the patients and the care givers to cope with the pain and trauma. SwedishCancerHospital in Chicago, USA does regular Laughter Yoga while patients are taking chemotherapy.
Laughter Yoga in Prisons

Laughter yoga is being practiced in several prisons in India, Europe and USA. Famous British actor John Cleese visited Mumbai prison in the year 2001 when he was making documentary for BBC on human expressions. He found that laughter had a major impact on the prisoners and the atmosphere in general lightened. With increase in crime all over the world, the prisons are over burdened with prisoners harboring negative emotions and thoughts. Laughter Yoga is a great method of dissipating these feelings of anger and frustration. Many prisons in India have found Laughter Yoga an effective tool to release their negative emotions. There are positive changes in prisoner attitude and better prisoner-staff relations and reduced violence.
Laughter Yoga with Physically and Mentally Challenged

Laughter Yoga has made a major difference in the lives of many people with physical and mental disabilities in India, Canada, USA and Portugal. In fact, in Bangalore, India, the introduction of Laughter Yoga for the mentally and the physically challenged children has revealed a marked improvement in their motor and expressive skills and control in hyper activeness. Many such people who come to these sessions in wheel chairs have shown tremendous improvement in their physical condition and mental health. Laughter Yoga has also been introduced in many blind schools and among the deaf and mute children to help them cope with their disabilities and generate a more positive attitude, which will help them to enhance their wellbeing.

The Top Five Reasons To Hire A Funny Motivational Speaker!

Training in a Relaxed and Joyous Atmosphere:

Business meetings and training sessions are usually conducted in a highly charged atmosphere putting pressure on the already under-pressure participants. Therefore, the first thing a funny motivational speaker does when conducting a workshop is: creating a relaxed atmosphere. He starts off with a funny incident or a joke that instantly melts down any stress that the participants might be having on their part. Thus, a funny motivational speaker sets the tone for a fun filled training session. He is an expert in creating a friendly and pleasant training atmosphere.

Lively Humor Helps in Effective Training:

Training sessions are often boring if not interspersed with healthy humor. The participants either do not pay much attention or are eagerly waiting for the lunch or coffee break. But a funny motivational speaker promptly attracts the undivided attention of the participants through the use of humor, because normally people do not want to miss a good joke and the opportunity to laugh. Instead of drifting away or stifling yawns, participants pay attention to what a funny motivational speaker is saying. They instantly get interested and involved in the training, eagerly waiting for the next humorous anecdote or story.

Promotes Scope for Openness:

The funny motivational speaker wins the confidence of the audience because of his unobtrusive and easy manner of training. He respects the professional trainees for their capabilities and yet seeks permission for their improvement and involvement. Training becomes easier as the participants in the training session come forward to express their problems and shortcomings to an uncritical mentor, thus giving him enough scope to motivate them in the right direction and help remove their shortcomings.

Rare Breed:

Funny motivational speakers are a rare breed of people that combine the power of speaking and a little bit of acting to make listeners laugh as well as drive pertinent points regarding motivation. They inspire the audience with their wisdom and insight. Human psychology, information about the latest trends, and traditional wisdom – they combine these all to provide potent motivational and morale boosters.
Improving the Bottom Line Profits:

Yes, hiring a funny motivational speaker can improve the bottom line profits. Corporate America invests billions of dollars in training as training is effective in improving the bottom line profits. The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) supports this claim. And if training succeeds in improving bottom line profit of a company, the safest bet is to hire a funny motivational speaker, for laughter is the best medicine including corporate ailments.

A Funny Joke And The Man Without Humor

April fool’s day is a favorite day for some, because there are many funny jokes that can be played. But when you are working for ‘The Man’ humor can be unacceptable. The workplace has become a controversial place for funny jokes, because what is funny to one person can be considered an attack by another. Finding humor at another person’s expense can cause many stressful days at work or even many lawsuits.

Many companies hold informational meeting on not practicing office humor, because they don’t want any of there workers to be offended. However, at time companies can cross the line on what is acceptable and not acceptable. Part of the problem with telling a person that funny jokes or humor is not acceptable is that if a person can not enjoy themselves at work the workplace will become uninviting and the workers unhappy.

‘Night Court’ was a sitcom that came out quite a few years ago. The judge on the show was always having fun, but playing practical jokes occasionally got him in trouble. However, most of the time the judge’s antics allowed him to see a larger scope of the people he met and he was able to help them to better their lives. A saying that many companies need to learn is the ‘a little levity never hurt’. Allowing personnel the opportunity to send jokes through email and find humor in some of the bad things that may happen in the office can help to handle stress and bring a better camaraderie between the workers.

Where the line needs to be drawn on funny jokes and humor is if the joke shows a racial or gender bias or if the joke is intended to harm another or cause a person to be made to look bad (especially in the eyes of their superiors). Harmful jokes or humor should never be acceptable in the workplace. Every individual should be responsible for their actions and take steps to know what is acceptable and will be found as a funny joke. If a joke is questionable the individual should recognize that that type of humor should be refrained from.

A company does have the responsibility to uphold its reputation and should educate its employees on acceptable humor and what would be considered a not so funny joke. However, companies should also take steps to allow their employees a fun work place. Part of this may include allowing a worker to use email to send jokes to people they know. One suggestion for the workplace may be to have a ‘no joke’ list and if people do not want to receive jokes through email they can place themselves on the list.

Humor and jokes should be allowed in the work place to allow a happier and more jovial work environment. A funny joke can cheer up a person’s day and a little humor can relieve stress. If an individual is responsible to not offend a person and the company encourages their work force to be happy working for ‘The Man’ wouldn’t be so bad.

The Producers Wins Over Broadway With Slapstick Humor

The Producers has been enjoying a nice run on Broadway since it’s opening on April 19th 2001 at the St. James Theatre located at 246 West 44th Street. The production is considered an original musical comedy and critics as well as audiences agree the Mel Brooks classic holds up it’s end of the laughter which is expected and promised. The show runs for two hours and forty minutes with one intermission.

Based on the Mel Brook’s movie, of the same name, which played in 1968, the tale tells of a down and out producer who writes the worst screen play in the history of movie script writing and then continues to attempt of conning two old ladies out of two million dollars.

The hilarious Broadway power duo of Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick team up to play the classic characters of Max Biaystock and accountant Leo Bloom. Both actors received acclaim for their work with the production and the slapstick humor, which is often just plain silly is pulled of with perfection throughout the brilliant show.

The storyline of the show is based in New York around the 1959 time period, in which Max creates the worst screen play ever to be written, this of course was done purposely. Max wants the script to be a failure in order to back out of having to pay his investors, and con everyone out of their money.

The comedy begins right away when you think what could the worst screen play ever written possibly be named? Well, Springtime For Hitler sure seems to have the name for a bad screenplay. What could be worst, or really more funny is how the bill is advertised, as a gay romp through World War II. With all this said it seems doomed from the start, just like Max and Leo expect, but who could ever guess that it would soon become a huge hit.

Now there are very special comedic moments which occur throughout these events, and both Lane and Broderick really play the silly slapstick comedy of Mel Brook’s extremely well. The singing and music also adds a nice touch to the humor and story. The story then moves on into the main plot as the two con men are forced to try and take advantage of two older women for the two million dollars they set out to rob from the investors.

The show is perfect for adults who enjoy sill and more slapstick humor. The comedy is not very deep or intellectual humor at all, more of the silly little things which hit your funny bone hard and fast and just makes you laugh. For a light hearted night out on Broadway and some rea good laughs The Producers will most likely provide exactly what is advertises and probably more laughs then you can handle. With 11 Tony’s in 2001 including best musical score, best director and best musical you cannot go wrong. Broadway Producer show tickets are selling on average for seventy-five dollars

The Importance of Efficient and Durable Shelving in a Library

Although significant advancements within computer and digital technology has culminated in the launch of high specification devices such as the Kindle which allows an individual to read books electronically, a library still remains the heartbeat of literature and as the prime building in which to delve into a book from a particular author or genre. Such is the wealth of literature available to avid readers of all ages, that libraries require an efficient storage capacity in which to hold all the books that are stocked for the purpose of being available to their members for loan. Accessibility is a fundamental aspect across all libraries as individuals strive for simplistic access to the books of their choice; this, in addition to operating an effective archive storage, is why sections or particular rows are categorised in alphabetical order of title or author, or located in separate areas to differentiate each genre.

Due to the considerable weight that a multiple number of books can have upon a shelf, it is important for libraries to integrate shelving units that are both durable and yet easily accessible. Both traditional and modern units are usually manufactured using hardwearing materials that are effectively damage-proof and strong enough to ensure any number of books can be stored upon an individual shelf without the potential threat of a shelf collapsing under their weight. As the supplying companies or library would be liable for any injuries caused by an unsuitable archive storage facilities, that either could not hold the number of stocked books required or which had been installed incorrectly, only illustrates the importance of ensuring that libraries specify the required standard of shelving units.

To run an efficient library service for local residents to enjoy on a regular basis, Local Authorities must take full advantage of the operating space provided within the property. As space can become limited, particularly within small-scale libraries, integrating mobile shelving can not only significant reduce the floor space that is required by traditional units, but could provide a considerable increase in storage space, this can be utilised for any potential increase in books received. The concertina effect of mobile shelving, more commonly used in offices or library stores, removes the floor space taken up by designated aisle spaces required for traditional shelving units, this can be particularly effective in a library as it allows more books to be stored and yet still allows individuals to efficiently locate their desired books.

Four Best Places To Get An Incredibly Helpful Literature Review Sample

What is a literature review?

It is an analysis of the previously published works on a particular subject. You may either work on a single author’s work or get your hands on various author is work. It all depends on the nature of subject you are working on.

The quality of a literature review solely depends on the way a writer is researching because there is no other way out for researching a literature. A general misconception adopted by various writers is its similarity with literature, they perceive it as an analysis of already published literature work. The matter of the fact is it is an account of previously done research work on the topic of your dissertation.

Its an integral part of a project which requires intense researching from the side of a student. Its kind of a foundation to build your thesis on which is then presented in the form of a documented essay.

The question here is from where you can find a good literature review sample to get an idea of the whole scenario.

Following are some good ideas to get a model analysis:

1-The first thing that you should do is to search for research books in public, university or online library. Some of these research books contain a dedicated part in their structure resulting into a summarized form of outcomes. Generally, this part is found after dissertation methodology.

2-As mentioned earlier, you can also check out internet as there are loads of electronic dissertations published on various sites. These are generally called as online libraries where you will find all the research journals, articles, books relevant to researched subjects.

3-Another good way to get your hands on these examples is to search for the work already done by other students. You will find a separate section of literature analysis but you would not be using that. Rather, use the main documents of the research owners as a source for your review. Do not ever forget to include every source for any factual material you have used in your project.

4-There are many custom service papers available online which will help you get out of this problem in seconds. Some of them assist students by providing them with free sample so that they could easily cope up with the problem.

By and large, when students get totally confused for they do not know what to do with their reviews then they go for the last option stated above. So if you think you can manage with this thing without heading towards a custom writing service then it is very good but if you get confused, you can go for the fourth option as adopted by most of the writers there.

Therefore, if you want to do a literature review that is readable, interesting and capturing then you must understand the dynamics of literature analysis and for this, you need to know the places from where you can get a model of the work.

Written Example Literature Review – Is It Worth Taking The Risk For Your Thesis?

One question that is asked by almost every person is that what the actual importance of a literature review is? Why should one conduct a research work on researches already conducted on a certain topic ages ago? That sounds plausible for not everybody knows how important it is to conduct LR.

Another question that is posed by every thesis writer is about the importance of written example literature review as most of the people find it unethical and immoral to get a sample material of their work. They are of the view that downloading free samples urges one to use them as it is in their dissertation which is absolutely wrong. I would rather call it as a myth.

It is all about inspiration:

Yes, it is all about inspiration. Downloading free samples does not mean that you will copy it all in your dissertation. Rather, the student should be ethically responsible not to copy them as it is. If they are totally blank about writing LR then why not hunt for a perfect free sample that will act as a roadmap to come up with a grade winning dissertation in no time.

Its about saving precious time:

Deadline is around the corner and so you cannot waste your precious hours on hunting for an ideal pattern of writing a literature in a bunch of articles. How to guides is much appreciated in this regard but the thing which matter here is your time. You cannot spend days and night merely in reading article about writing LR which are all very different as well. So why not do something smarter than this and download samples from internet that comes with no cost.
Can theory do it all?

Well! Its good to read books, in fact, this is the first and the foremost thing one should do if one wants to get a firsthand information on any subject. But unless you do a thing practically you would not be able to grasp the whole concept as practical is much more important than theory. So, a sample is a perfect practical example of what your literature review should be like. Therefore,its no way a bad idea at all to get your hands on a sample LR.

It comes with no cost:

It is a very good option for the people who do not have time to visit libraries and spend hours and hours in searching for a book and that they can not buy a book as its too costly as well. There are loads of custom writing websites over the internet who believes in serving students to their level best. This is why; various websites provides a guide to write literature review example free of cost so that a student can easily come up with the dissertation before the submission deadline.

What is the bottom line?

To conclude, I can say that if you really want to come up with a perfectly written literature review then you can get your hands on free samples of LR to get a rough idea on the pattern you should use for your LR.